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Posted on February 20, 2006 by Wim

This is part of the new theatre at Haarlem. The blue is quite startling.


On this day in history

  • Horizon
  • Sky
  • Fog
  • From the Train III
  • Near the IJssel IV
  • Two Ships
  • Stairs

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By prasoon on Monday, February 20, 2006 at 11:54

very much like last coldplay’s speed of sound back ground :)
nice shot !!

By Jasp on Monday, February 20, 2006 at 21:19

..or a BladeRunner set…Science Fiction all around us.

By Jasper on Monday, February 20, 2006 at 22:41

Very cool! The person on the left really adds something to the picture. How unreal.

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